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Any time, any subject, Proofecto is your most valuable asset when you want to make sure your professional documents, or online copy, is flawless. Let your hard work shine without worrying about mistakes in your spelling, grammar, or formatting. Let the experts handle it, and free up your schedule.

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Receive anything from simple feedback to structural corrections.

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The Proofecto Promise is that your documents will be more than perfect when you get them back; they will be Proofect. We practice a thorough editing process that prepares your work for the toughest of critics.

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Samantha is passionate about helping others and providing exceptional customer service to all of her clients. Her proficiency in proofreading, editing, and formatting ensures your documents will look and sound professional, all in a seamless process. A busy schedule can leave little time for proper editing, which is why Samantha is such a valuable asset. She can help to create more free time in your schedule, allowing you to focus on what is really important.


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