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Discover all of the ways in which Proofecto can be your top proofing assistant.


Peer editing can be helpful but does not guarantee flawless work. When you contact Proofecto, you take the first step toward securing academic or professional success.

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Is your document academic, or personal, in nature? Which editing services do you require, and for how many words? Inform us on exactly what you are looking for, and receive a personalized quote for your document. Fill out a contact form today and take the first step toward handing in Proofect documents.

The Two Easy Steps to Proofection

1. Send In Documents

Send us the work you want edited, proofread, or formatted, along with a signed Proofecto NDA, and let us get to work.

2. Get Your Feedback

Once we complete work on your document we send your edited and corrected work back, along with all the feedback we can offer.

We Will make Your Documents Proofect!

Let us get to know you and your document a little better, and we will get back to you!


Even the most skilled writers can overlook minor spelling and grammatical mistakes in their own work. Let the Proofectionist scour your work for any possible errors, including issues with consistency and continuity, ensuring your work is as pristine as the ideas behind it.


Although digital writing tools can be a good assistant while avoiding spelling mistakes, they cannot anticipate the tone you wish to use. Proofecto will ensure the writing style used in your document is appropriate to the industry you are in, who your audience is, and what tone or emotion you wish to convey.


Writing the perfect document is one challenge; formatting a perfect document takes this challenge to an entirely new level. Ensuring every indent, citation, image, and footnote is flawless takes years of practice and hours of editing time. Fortunately for you, Proofecto has years of practice and the time required to give you flawless formatting in:

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