Become acquainted with your new favourite editing, proofreading, and formatting asset.

Who Is Proofecto?

Proofecto is your personal proofing assistant, offering editing, proofreading, and formatting services for all of your documents. With our simple online submission process, you can make sure that your hard work shines through in your written work without errors getting in the way. The Proofecto process is as easy as:
  • Contacting Proofecto to get your personalized quote;
  • Submitting your document along with a signed NDA;
  • And receiving your flawless work, along with all the feedback we can offer.

Who Is Behind Proofecto

Samantha is passionate about helping others and providing exceptional customer service to all of her clients. Her vivid interest and experience in editing, proofreading, and formatting ensures your documents will look and sound professional, all in a seamless process. A busy schedule can leave little time for proper editing, which is why Samantha is such a valuable asset. She can help to create more free time in your schedule, allowing you to focus on what is really important.

Our Mission

Proofecto is designed to focus on serving students, academics, professionals, and authors, but can aid everyone in between. The Proofecto team is dedicated to providing quality services for anyone looking to create exceptional written content. Proofecto aspires to help professionals save time and effort with trusted help. Feel confident handing over any document, knowing it will be flawless after we have evaluated and perfected it. Not only do we want to make sure spelling and grammar are perfect, we guarantee the entire document matches your brand, and is formatted correctly.

Your Path to Academic and Professional Success!

Peer editing can be helpful but does not guarantee flawless work. When you contact Proofecto, you take the first step toward securing academic or professional success.